Éabhlóid also gave us Imram agus scéalta eile, the first collection of short stories by Róise Ní Bhaoil from Rann na Feirste in the Donegal Gaeltacht, a work that won the An Post Irish language Book of the Year award.

There was a gorgeous new edition by Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhríde of An Grá agus an Ghruaim by Seosamh Mac Grianna published by Éabhlóid

A series of riddles from various folklore collections. They are classified according to difficulty - it was a great idea to use the old bard levels as classification, with a separate picture for each level from the beginner Fochlac to Rí Ollamh....Myself and my daughter (who is 9) enjoy asking each other the riddles

Tá an dráma Thar an Tairseach le Máire Dinny Wren le cloisteáil ar shuíomh idirlíon RTÉ 1 agus ó thús deiridh tá Gaeilge bhlásta, shaibhir le cloisteáil ann. Léiriú atá sa dráma seo ar ghearrscéal ar an ghearrscéal 'Thar an Tairseach' atá le fáil sa leabhar 'Go dtí an lá bán' a chuir eabhlóid in eagar.

Stories that are drawing from life experience and folklore...Moving, strong stories... a really worthwhile work

...the vividly drawn vignettes of Belfast are likewise a pleasure in her new collection, Inní...Inní has many strengths, particularly the author’s ability to create human and believable characters living in a palpable world...This is a fine collection of short stories, urban in their setting, contemporary in their feel and all written in a most readable uncomplicated style and language.

Tugtar ar thurais muid sna scéalta seo, turais intinne, turais go críocha aduaine, turais go tíortha atá stollta ag an choimhlint agus ag an athrach; ach is turais go croí na daonnachta iad go léir, le daoine atá ag cuartú saol dóchasach úr nó le daoine a bhfuil orthu gníomhú in aghaidh a dtola....Inste i nguth tomhaiste deisbhéalach, tá scéalaíocht Rann na Feirste i stíl liteartha chomhaimseartha an lae inniu le sonrú go soiléir sna scéalta seo.

Imram is an excellent collection of well written short stories and a pleasure from start to finish. We meet people who have to find a way of dealing with the pressures their lives have put them under. The places, people and predicaments are very different but Róise Ní Bhaoill displays impressive human understanding and sympathy in each and every one.

If want to drop some light humour into the Christmas stocking, Joe Ó Dónaill's Sin Ceann Maith! (Éabhlóid) is a collection of jokes (old and new). You've probably heard many of them before, but not 'as Gaeilge'.

The Éabhlóid publishing house is dedicated to the vivacious speech of Gaoth Dobhair and it's Máire Dinny's voice we have here, free from the Procrustean bed of standardisation. I don't however feel that that will inhibit the reader, as you'll easily come in on the style.

..diverse magical worlds are conjured up these stories and a special place is give in them to music and poetry. I would highly recommend this collection...

..There is something here for everyone... I think anyone who likes Irish language literature will love this book...

Ba bhreá an rud é an leabhar a fheiceáil in airde ar an stáisiún náisiúnta agus cuireann sé an leabhar chun cinn go mór dúinn. Comhghairdeas le Gemma Nic Conchra, a bhfuil leabhar ghalánta cruthaithe aici. Is mór an t-ardú croí dúinn é ardán a fháil ar an tseó is mó sa bhliain.

Another very strong collection of short stories from Éabhlóid, full of humanity and moments of hope and grief. We are brought on journeys with a very varied group of characters, each one more engaging than the last; we're emersed in their experiences and an uncommon empathy is aroused in the reader. What more do we need from a book of fiction?

...they were full of imagination and of story making; on topics that aroused laughter and wonder, stories that gave insight into a new perspective, into another tradition, into another way of thinking ... it's great that this lovely and powerful book is now available to a new generation of readers...

It's a great joy to read any of these wonderful stories. The richness of traditional storytelling is contained within each page of the book. These stories contain magic agus there is another magic in their telling by this master storyteller from Rann na Feirste. There is a feast of storytelling in this book that will open up another world to the reader.

In this new version return to the original. We've updated the spelling to the modern spelling but showing consideration for Seosamh's dialect and pronunciation.

Each month a new story is published online, and supported by a podcast episode with Réaltán Ní Leannánin, where she invites a native speaker to read the story, followed by a brief discussion. What’s wonderful here is that listeners also have access to the short story text via blath.ie

This is a powerful anthology which demonstrates the scope of Ulster writing and the agility of the Irish language - be it the Irish of the Gaoth Dobhair Gaeltachta or that of the new Irish speakers of Belfast who utilise it, it is full of substance and meaning.Elegantly undertaken, assiduous and worth while.

..that recognition is being given to a publishing company that has been nominated a few years running for Gradam Uí Shuilleabháin, and when you consider the high production values, together with works of such high merit fullstop, and across a range of literary genres ... this year Éabhlóid takes the prize for Bláth na dTulach...with Bláth na dTulach, it's wonderful to see this literary movement happening, this burgeoning talent coming from the writers themselves, and you see that there is a 'meitheal' there, a 'meitheal' of intellect, a creative 'meitheal' emerging which I think is great to see.

I really loved it, how they went so deeply into the story. They discussed the themes, metaphors, the characters and everything ... I really loved it. It's great to hear a podcast about writing...

If you prefer not to embark on a novel, it's well worth picking up this short story collection... There are love stories here, tales of revenge and stories of hope, together with humour and sadness, some of the stories are richly embedded in the folkloric tradition, while others follow the modes and techniques of modern literature.

..It's a significant collection in terms of it's diverseness. There are great stories in this collection. Some of them are excellent ... I'd recommend it to anyone ... a very interesting text ... put together really well...

Tonn Teaspaigh agus Dánta Eile by Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh is her third collection in sixteen years and her writing has deservedly garnered an audience and literary awards. As noted in an insightful forward by Daniela Theinová to Tonn Teaspaigh agus Dánta Eile, much of the poet’s ouvre is given over to an anatomy of love. Tonn Teapaigh agus Dánta Eile is another captivating collection by Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh.

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