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We were delighted to read the kind and generous review from intouch.

It’s a great thing that excellent reading materials in Irish are available for children. The books above achieve that level effortlessly. There is a wide range of poems written by Frankie Leonard in the book An Bogha Báistí. A teacher can use this book as an aid to illustrate other points in Irish for example the seasons, numbers or even verbs.

Nellie Nic Giolla Bhríde succeeds in attracting children to the Irish language with her book Ní Thuigimse Daoine Fásta. Primary school children will have a great chance to listen to the colloquial Ulster spoken Irish by listening to the CD that accompanies the book. Primary school children can listen to the poetic musical Ulster dialect. It’s an excellent resource for teachers allowing them to use poems and rhymes in classes other than just Irish classes. And for those that the Irish is a little difficult the author has provided an English version of each poem in the book.

Báidín Fheidhlimidh is a tidy attractive book. There is a wide variety of poetry in it. Like the previous book, the accompanying CD, the translations and the illustrations, improve the book hugely. The illustrations in each book are expertly crafted and wonderful work was done. Not only this, but children played a key role in the CDs and this reviewer wishes to pay special tribute to them and their contribution. They did outstanding work. I hope these works succeed well. Every success to the work.

All the books written about in this review can be purchased here:

An Bogha Báistí
Ní Thuigimse Daoine Fásta
Báidín Fheidhlimidh


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