Gemma Nic Conchra

Caoilte Caillte sa Mhúsaem

Leabhar pictiúr do dhaoine óga 5-9 bliain

Ryan Tubridy le Caoile Caillte

Caoilte is always curious and sometimes gets himself in trouble for the things he does. When his class goes on a school trip to the Natural History Museum, Caoilte’s curiosity gets the better of him again, and he lands himself in trouble. He meets some strange creatures who frighten him at first, but they turn out to be quite friendly and help him find his way.

This is a fun and quirky book for children. It’s full of imagination and wonderful drawings suitable for children for 6-9 years. The drawings exhibit an almost childlike innocence which children will love to discover and explore. It’s written in simple Irish which is suitable for children who are fluent or are learning Irish.

Gemma Nic Conchra

Gemma is a Dublin based artist who’s passionate about art, culture and community development. After studying architecture she went on to study illustration and art and now enjoys creating workshops for young people. After completing a postgraduate degree in Sociology – Youth and Community, Gemma ran a youth art workshop on Cuffe Street in the community centre until the Covid-19 crisis began. Prior to that she spent a year on scolarship with the artist, Adrienne Geoghegan and before that worked as an assistant with the artist Fiona Whelan on a project called “What does he need?” an art piece with residents from Rialto that challenged toxic masculinity in society. She also worked with the Rialto Youth Project and with the South Area youth service in Dublin.
Gemma loves drawing and writing and working with children. Caoilte Caillte sa Mhúsaem is Gemma’s first book.

Meáchan.464 kg
Toisí305 × 220 × 9 mm


It was great to see the book championed on our national TV station and gives us a great boost. Congratulations to the illustrator Gemma Nic Conchra, who has created a really lovely book. It’s hugely encouraging to have our work platformed on the biggest show of the year.

Tá ealaín den scoth ar fáil sa leabhar seo – is fiú go leor ama a chaitheamh ag fiosrú gach aon leathanach, tá an méid sin mionrudaí le feiceáil. Leabhar spraíúil fíor-thaitneamhach atá ann, mar gheall ar na léaráidí leithleacha tarraingteacha. Ar an gclúdach istigh, fiú, tá pictiúr de dhoras le feiceáil, leis na focail ‘níl cead isteach’ scríofa ar barr – leid den saghas pleidhcíochta atá le teacht!