Micí Sheáin Néill compiled by Caitlín Nic Niallais

Scéalta Draíochta Mhicí Sheáin Néill (Magic Stories of Mhicí Sheáin Néill)

A collection of folk tales told by the storyteller Micí Sheáin Néill from Rann na Feirste.

Micí Sheáin Néill Ó Baoill was a great storyteller who lived in Rann na Feirste in the last century. Folklore scholars and collectors would come from all over to hear him reciting stories that were passed down to him over the generations. This book is a collection of the magical stories told by Micí Sheáin Néill as Gaeilge. There are eighteen magical stories in total here, imaginative tales in which humans fly through the sky, encounter giants and unearthly beasts and bring back heroes from the dead. They are written here just as Mickey told them so that other generations of readers and listeners will be able to enjoy the richness that is so deeply ingrained in them.

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Dimensions190 × 210 × 17 mm

It's a great joy to read any of these wonderful stories. The richness of traditional storytelling is contained within each page of the book. These stories contain magic agus there is another magic in their telling by this master storyteller from Rann na Feirste. There is a feast of storytelling in this book that will open up another world to the reader.

...they were full of imagination and of story making; on topics that aroused laughter and wonder, stories that gave insight into a new perspective, into another tradition, into another way of thinking ... it's great that this lovely and powerful book is now available to a new generation of readers...