Ulster anthology

Bláth na dTulach

A collection of short stories from the province of Ulster. 28 stories from 28 different writers, compiled by Réaltán Ní Leannáin with a preface by Professor Lillis Ó Laoire

back cover of Bláth na dTulach2021 Top page turnersBláth na dTulach( meaning Flowers of the Hillocks) is a beautifully produced book, a collection of the work of 28 short story writers from the nine counties of Ulster.  I particularly enjoyed 'An Bhearna' by Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhríde, the story of a boy struggling to deal with a father who belittles him at every turn.  The ever-inventive Máire Sepf, a newcomer to the genre, shines with her manic tale of suburban dognapping.  A lovely book to dip into

An anthology of Ulster

The short story takes many forms and shades and its stamp is clearly visible in this special anthology which commemorates the contemporary Ulster short story. Very enjoyable stories have been gathered here from 28 writers, both young and old, from all over Ulster. A master class in the different forms of the short story can be found between the covers of this publication. There are love stories, stories of revenge and stories of hope here, there are other stories in which humor and sadness are at the forefront, some of the stories are firmly rooted in the tradition of the oral tradition and others with all the hallmarks of modern literature. Regardless of where the reader dives into this book, there will be something meaningful to pique their interest.

The website blath.ie publishes a new story in full each month accompanied by a recording of the story read by local native Irish language speakers. Presented by Réaltán Ní Leannáin who discusses with the story with the reader each month

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..that recognition is being given to a publishing company that has been nominated a few years running for Gradam Uí Shuilleabháin, and when you consider the high production values, together with works of such high merit fullstop, and across a range of literary genres ... this year Éabhlóid takes the prize for Bláth na dTulach...with Bláth na dTulach, it's wonderful to see this literary movement happening, this burgeoning talent coming from the writers themselves, and you see that there is a 'meitheal' there, a 'meitheal' of intellect, a creative 'meitheal' emerging which I think is great to see.

Each month a new story is published online, and supported by a podcast episode with Réaltán Ní Leannánin, where she invites a native speaker to read the story, followed by a brief discussion. What’s wonderful here is that listeners also have access to the short story text via blath.ie

This is a powerful anthology which demonstrates the scope of Ulster writing and the agility of the Irish language - be it the Irish of the Gaoth Dobhair Gaeltachta or that of the new Irish speakers of Belfast who utilise it, it is full of substance and meaning.Elegantly undertaken, assiduous and worth while.

..It's a significant collection in terms of it's diverseness. There are great stories in this collection. Some of them are excellent ... I'd recommend it to anyone ... a very interesting text ... put together really well...

If you prefer not to embark on a novel, it's well worth picking up this short story collection... There are love stories here, tales of revenge and stories of hope, together with humour and sadness, some of the stories are richly embedded in the folkloric tradition, while others follow the modes and techniques of modern literature.

I really loved it, how they went so deeply into the story. They discussed the themes, metaphors, the characters and everything ... I really loved it. It's great to hear a podcast about writing...