Oileán na nDraoithe

Irish language children’s book by Proinsias Mac a’ Bhaird.

In this Irish language children’s book three unlikely heroes compete to see who will get the chance to rid ‘Oileán na nDraoithe’ of the vile and noxious wizards who command there, tormenting the inhabitants.

But will the chosen hero succeed against the wizards?

There is magic and fun in this lively retelling of a mythical tale from North West Donegal.

Proinsias Mac a’Bhaird is a prolific writer and poet from the island of Árainn Mhór in Donegal.

Suitable for children 8-12 yrs.

Written in the Irish Language.

Illustrations by Caomhán Ó Scolaí

ISBN: 9780995611917

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Project categories: Children

Cover of Irish language book Oileán na nDraoithe
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