Clúdach leabhair Caoilte Caillte le Caoilte agus a rang taobh amuigh de Mhúsaem Stáir an Dúlra

Caoilte Caillte sa Mhúsaem

Caoilte is always curious and sometimes gets himself in trouble for the things he does. When his class goes on a school trip to the Natural History Museum, Caoilte’s curiosity gets the better of him again, and he lands himself in trouble. He meets some strange creatures who frighten him at first, but they turn […]

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cover of the book Mór agus Muilc

Mór agus Muilc

An Irish language children’s folk tale Illustrated by Kim Sharkey it tells of two characters, Mór and Muilc, who go to collect seafood from the shore. They get a fright when they come accross a crab under a stone and rush off in a panic. They create a bit of a panic which leads to […]

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Cover of Micí s'agaomme a hardback Irish language comic

Micí s’againne

Irish language comic by Caoimhin Mac a Bhaird and Christopher Ammentorp Micí s’againne is an Irish language comic in the classic comic style. It follows Micí s’againne and his friend Cibé Caidé as they try out some of their hare-brained schemes. Unfortunately they are not always successful but you can be certain they’ll have fun […]

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Cover of Irish language book Oileán na nDraoithe

Oileán na nDraoithe

Irish language children’s book by Proinsias Mac a’ Bhaird. In this Irish language children’s book three unlikely heroes compete to see who will get the chance to rid ‘Oileán na nDraoithe’ of the vile and noxious wizards who command there, tormenting the inhabitants. But will the chosen hero succeed against the wizards? There is magic […]

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Cover of TOmhas Orm, Tomhas Ort!

Irish Riddles: Tomhas orm, tomhas ort!

Irish language riddles from Irish folklore A book containing a great variety Irish language folklore riddles, from easy to not so easy. Over 100 riddles in all, to challenge the cleverest minds. The books is a great resource in the classroom, for encouraging learning and conversation amongst students of all ages. Traditional Irish Language riddles […]

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Cover of An Prionsa Beag

Le Petit Prince Translation

An Irish language translation of The Little Prince The French classic novella Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is now available to young and not so young children to read as Gaeilge. Translated by Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhríde from the Donegal Gaeltacht. This translation allows a generation of young people to enjoy this perennial […]

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Bogha Báistí (The Rainbow)


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Cover of the book Ní Thuigimse Daoine Fásta (I don't understand grown ups)

Ní Thuigimse Daoine Fásta

Book and CD of newly composed poems and songs for children.

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Cover of Báidín Fheidlimidh

Báidín Fheidhlimidh

Book & CD of well known poems and songs as gaeilge Produced by Ionad Oideachais Ghort an Choirce Traditional songs and poems, sung and recited by children from Donegal. 58 children from 12 schools around Donegal feature in the accompanying CD, with traditional songs and poems in Irish suitable for children. The book and CD […]

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Ící Pící

Ici Pici Excerpt

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