Bláth na dTulach

The short story can take many forms and this is amply illustrated in this very special anthology which celebrates the variety and the high quality of contemporary writing in Ulster. This is a highly enjoyable collection of 28 authors, both young and old, from every corner of the province. Between the covers of this volume […]

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Cover of the book Tairseach by Dairena Ní Chinnéide


Dairena Ní Chinnéide is a prolific poet who writes from the heart. In this new collection Ní Chinnéide explores the ground between us moving into the inter-space and exploring the air there. This work is timely; she throws a light on our shared current condition, caught between two worlds. Ní Chinnéide feels the way for […]

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Cover of the book Scéalta ó m'Óige (stories from my youth)

Scéalta ó m’Óige (Stories from my Youth)

Stories by Nuala Ní Ghallchóir. A beautiful collection of stories that allow us see the world through the eyes of a child’s imagination. Nuala Ní Ghallchóir focuses on details that take us back to those happy moments where life was simpler and carefree. Nuala describes her life growing up in the Donegal Gaeltacht in the […]

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Cover of  Scéalta Draoíochta Mhicí Sheáin Néill

Scéalta Draíochta Mhicí Sheáin Néill

Micí Sheáin Néill Ó Baoill was a great storyteller who lived in Rann na Feirste in the last century. Folklore scholars and collectors would come from all over to hear him reciting stories that were passed down to him over the generations. This book is a collection of the magical stories told by Micí Sheáin […]

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Colourful cover of the book Inní


Collection of Irish language short stories by Réaltán Ní Leannáin. These stories grab our attention from the first few words, as the author steers us skillfully through deceit, trickery and duplicity. Classes clash and come under the microscope, hypocrisy is revealed and inequalities laid bare. Credible characters are presented in engrossing stories that leave us […]

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Cover of the book Cnámh


Cnámh is the latest collection of irish language short stories from acclaimed Irish Language author Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhríde.  It is the winner of the Irish Language Book of the year An Post Irish Book Awards. It’s not often that a writer succeeds in producing a work that impacts on the reader in an unforgettable […]

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Cover of the book Tine Ghealáin. Irish Language Poetry book.

Tine Ghealáin

A new collection from the poet Máire Dinny Wren from the Donegal Gaeltacht. In these poems Máire fully embraces the world around her. She celebrates that world and answers and interacts with it in a calm unfaltering voice. The musicality of her verse is as sweet as it is enlivening. Her poems pulse with the […]

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Cover of Irish language novel 'Muintir an Ghleanna' depicting a rural Donegal road with a vintage car

Muintir an Ghleanna

Irish language novel by Caitlín Bheití Ní Chuireáin. Set in a peaceful valley in the Donegal Gaeltacht in the middle of the last century, this book captures the idyllic life of a community that thrives on subsistence farming and simple living. Yet dark events unfold which shatter the innocence and it takes all their strength […]

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Cover of book Gáire in Éag depicting a bloodied chair under a harsh spotlight.

Gáire in Éag

Collection of Irish language short fiction by Belfast writer Seán Ó Muireagáin. Irish language short fiction set in Belfast during the Troubles. These forthright and hard-hitting short stories shine a light on a section of society that are often forgotten, ordinary people who were affected by the conflicts in a divided land. The characters are […]

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Cover Cáitheadh an dTonn showing high sea waves

Cáitheadh na dTonn

Cáitheadh na dTonn contains a novella, two short stories and a drama. The stories illustrate the life and times of people in the Donegal Gaeltacht at the turn of the last century. The book is a reissue of the original, first published in 1934, edited and updated with modern spelling and orthography. Muirghein (Pádraig Ó […]

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Clúdach leabhair Go mbeinnse Choíche Saor

Go mbeinnse choíche saor

Irish language short fiction by Máire Dinny Wren. This collection of short fiction is considered by the Irish Times as one the best Irish language books of the year. Stories of women contending with forces of disempowerment that hold them back in a world that is not always just or fair. The wish for personal […]

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Cover of TOmhas Orm, Tomhas Ort!

Irish Riddles: Tomhas orm, tomhas ort!

Irish language riddles from Irish folklore A book containing a great variety Irish language folklore riddles, from easy to not so easy. Over 100 riddles in all, to challenge the cleverest minds. The books is a great resource in the classroom, for encouraging learning and conversation amongst students of all ages. Traditional Irish Language riddles […]

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